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    Office Cleaning: Did you know the appearance of your office environment reflects the success of your business & a clean pleasant working environment for your employees will increase their working efficiency & better results for your business , so let us take care of that part, with our intensive amount of experience we understand our customers & their needs so we will customize a cleaning program to meet your requirements & provide professional trained staff so you would receive a high quality service at an affordable price. We offer complete janitorial services for all businesses large or small, schools, banks, commercial offices, state / national government offices & all other kind of offices

    At T.R. we believe in SATISFAYING YOUR CLEANING NEEDS MAKES OUR DREAMS COME TRUE, so just try us to believe us.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    The carpets must be shampooed & steam cleaned on regularly basis because by just vacuuming you are taking out only dry dirt on surface, but to remove oily stains/ abrasive deep soil, it should be shampooed, we pre spray & brush your carpets to open the fibers, pores, suspend oil, loosen stubborn stains & then extract them, We use the best products, equipment’s & cleaning procedure which removes dirt & stubborn stains from bottom of your carpets which leaves your carpets a clean fresh look with out any sticky, Soapy residues, with a faster drying period that most other companies cannot do.You can also have a special protection (Scotch Gourd) or have it deodorized. We offer our services for commercial / residential we move most of the furniture & leave special protective padding under furniture. No job is too small or big ,so call us for a free estimate.



    Upholstery: Mostly the sofas, chairs gets a lot of soil & stains very quickly, so we follow the right procedure & chemicals to clean, such as fabric inspection, pre vacuum, pre test spots & stains, pre spray cleaning solutions,deodorizers, treat spots & stains as needed, rinse with neutralizer/ softeners to leave your upholstery soap free & soft, special drying techniques to cut half drying period (if required), apply protection (if required). Trust us we do the cleaning the right way to give your upholstery the best look.


    Hard floor Surfaces

    Hard floor Surfaces: We clean & maintain Vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo, wooden floors, etc.
    Even vinyl / linoleum floors get some stubborn spots or the wax is worn off & just mopping doesn’t help, it needs a deep cleaning which usually means stripping & re-waxing.

    We use the right equipments & products with professionals to do the job in right way.
    Here are a few cleaning tips, which we follow:

    1) Always vacuum the floor before cleaning.
    2) It is suggested to Vacuum & clean the floor regularly before the dirt gets ground in.
    3) Use cold or warm water for cleaning the waxed floors.
    4) Use right cleaning agents for waxed & non-waxed floors to clean & keep the shine ( Fast drying ,non steak, bubble free neutral products are recommended).
    5) Make sure to clean & rinse all cleaning detergents during & after moping any waxed floor ( use a clean mope ).
    6) It is recommended to use door mats to prevent dirt & sand entering, these dirt & sand act like sand paper which scratch & destroy the floor (Mats itself needs regular cleaning other-wise they become source of dirt themselves. .7)Usually every 3 months the high traffic floors need to be cleaned & re-waxed /buffed & once a year stripped & waxed, it is better to put several thin coats of wax, leaving the appropriate drying period between each coat.

    Window Cleaning

    Window Cleaning

    Window cleaning: we can clean all reachable interior/exterior window’s of your home or business, we have equipment & professionals to clean exterior windows up to 45 feet, using tucker pole, which is a telescoping pole made of aluminum tubing with a water fed brush at the end, the detergent or water may be fed through the pole & the brushing agitation washes cleans & finely rinsed, which leaves your windows clean & shining, some tips which we follow in cleaning;

    1) Open blinds & then protect windowsill area with drop cloth.
    2) Vacuum entire window frame & remove all foreign matter such as caulk, mortar, other dirt, Etc.
    3) Power wash exterior of building before window cleaning.
    4) Have the detergent in bucket ready.
    5) Apply solution to the window evenly with strip washer.
    6) Start with squeegee from top corner & work all the way to bottom corner (wipe off excess water from squeegee with a dry rage from time to time.
    7) Wipe the sills & clean with dry rage.
    We have quality, speed, convenience & competitive pricing. We offer from weekly to annually cleaning schedule to fit your need.


    Pressure Washing

    Pressure washing: If we can wet, we can clean it, using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, professional staff & equipment’s we can clean & remove environmental pollutants, mildew, mold, dirt, sponges, fungus by removing them not only it gives a better look but also they cause allergies & slowly they destroy the surface area & start penetrating deeper in.

    We power wash a lot different surfaces (old paint stripping) preparing for painting or we wash;

    1) Wood sidings, decks, wooden sidewalks, docks, fences, play sets.
    2)Stone building, patios drive ways, concrete surfaces, brick floors, and pools.
    3 ) Aluminum or other metals, trucks, tractores & heavy equipment’s.
    4 ) Storage’s, plant warehouse, new construction cleaning, parkings Etc.
    We will do everything at fair, honest & competitive prices, plus guaranteed job.

    Construction Clean up

    Construction Clean up

    Post construction clean up: We offer extensive line of construction cleaning services, we know almost each project is different each other but in general we offer :

    1) Remove trash & dirt from site.
    2) Cleaning all vinyl, ceramic tile & other floorings (polishing & waxing if required).
    3) Vacuuming all carpeted areas (Steam clean if required).
    4 ) Dust & clean all light fixtures.
    5 ) Clean utility closets, storage’s, parking, Etc.
    6 ) Removing packing material & temporary. labels, spot cleaning appliances & fixtures.
    7 ) Clean all interior windows & tracks.
    8 ) Sweep all garages & side walks, remove any debris (power wash if necessary).


    Building Maintenance

    we are specialized in non residential building maintenance as routine services we offer;
    Building Maintenance; we are specialized in non residential building maintenance as routine services we offer;

    1) Dusting vacuuming /steam cleaning, moping all common areas.
    2) Polishing different surfaces such as wood, stainless still, chrome Etc.
    3) Clean stairwells, elevators, laundry room, wash room, Etc.
    4) Cleaning cigarette dispensers, waste containers, and garbage containers.
    5) Cleaning light fixtures, air vents & replacing burnt out lights.
    6) Watering plants.
    7) Clean entry doors glass mirrors Etc.
    8) Cleaning /power washing parking lots, side walks, garbage room Etc.
    9) Spot clean walls & painted surfaces.